Reliable and Sustainable Energy for Ghana


Ghana Power Generation Company (GPGC) aims to improve the security of power supply in Ghana with solutions that complement the Government of Ghana’s  efforts to increase generation capacity.

We are a newly formed independent power producer (IPP) in the country comprised of a team of local and internationally experienced professionals. We are working with the Government of Ghana after signing a four-year emergency power agreement to help bring immediate reliable and sustainable electricity to homes and businesses in the region.


The installation of two combined-cycle plants at a 7-acre site at Tema Industrial Park is well underway.

Transported by GPGC from Italy, the power plants have advanced upgrades and will utilise General Electric Sprint Gas Turbines (LM6000PD and LM6000PF). Both of which have recently been fully serviced by General Electric. Together they will provide a total of 107mw additional capacity into Ghana’s power grid.

The plants are based on a single fuel gas turbine technology using natural gas exclusively as a combustible. Natural gas will be received through a pipeline connecting the plant to the Volta River Authority’s (VRA) metering station in the city of Tema, 25km east of Accra. Gas will be sourced both from the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGPO) and the Tema LNG project.

The use of natural gas provides GPGC with two clear advantages compared to other power solutions: it is an efficient and cheaper fuel source, as well as a cleaner source of energy than other fossil fuels, emitting less carbon dioxide when combusted than coal, diesel or liquefied petroleum gas.

Combined cycle plants, which brings together air and natural gas (gas cycle) and water and steam (steam cycle) to produce energy, are a proven technology with higher performance and more efficiency than simple cycle plants, while offering the flexibility typical of gas turbines.

Estimated Project Timeline

Foundations have already been laid and construction activities are underway with contractors fully mobilised and on-site.
Commissioning will occur in two phases.


Ghana’s energy consumption continues to rise and the country’s demand for electricity far outpaces supply.

The government has pursued an ambitious socio-economic development agenda to improve access to power in partnership with the private sector. GPGC has invested close to USD 100 million to bring additional capacity to Ghana’s power grid with the installation of the power plant project. The company is fully committed to supporting Ghana’s economic growth and is building long-term partnerships with integrity.


GPGC is made up of a team of experts in the power sector and provides deep expertise in constructing, testing and implementing key import and supply facilities to this scale.

The company will manage and maintain the full plant operations once online and work with well-developed local partners and engineers on the ground to expand capabilities as needed. A crew of engineers with mechanical, electrical, chemical and instrumentation control competencies will assist operations on a 24/7 basis. In addition, the company will create up to twenty local jobs in administration and operations with local training.


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